“It all started with Camel Cigarette advertisements and Iron Maiden records.” 

Johnny (The Spilt Ink) was born in the great area of Detroit on a cold October night in 1977. His first day home from the hospital was on Halloween where helped pass out candy to all the colorful ghouls and ghosts. Johnny was doomed from the start to not be a normal child.

In his youth, he didn’t play sports or pursue the usual school activities, instead he spent countless hours drawing Joe Camel advertisements and Iron Maiden record covers.

“They were my cool friends and I loved that they were packed with action and color.”

As a teenager he moving to San Francisco to attend art school, where he invested all his time in DJing, art and photography. After graduating, he had a brief stint in advertising until he found himself unemployed due to the sudden burst of the dotcom bubble. With nowhere to go and nothing to do he was saved by his Japanese friends in Tokyo.

“I was invited out to DJ and hang out for a bit, but then I fell in love with the city and its art filled culture.”

At this time, he developed his current style. Be it the excitement of the clubs, the electricity in the streets or the nonstop movement of the city, something exhilarating happened to him and his art.

Currently Johnny or “The Spilt Ink” resides in Tokyo where he works on commissioned art in his studio or paints live at nightclubs in Japan, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Athens. If he’s not on the go painting live or in his studio you may find him at a café with a sketchbook drawing ghouls, ghosts and his friends.