Blood Type: O

Birth Date: 1977

Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels and coke

Grew up in the Greater Detroit area, then lived in San Francisco and currently resides in Tokyo.

“I have always loved drawing, some of my earliest memories are of me convincing my dad to buy Camel cigarettes so that I could draw the Joe Camel cup holder.  I eventually expanded my drawling education and started copying Iron Maiden and other heavy metal cassette covers. I was probably the youngest kid in the States to say ‘MAIDEN RULES’ ”.

Since then Johnny has been continued to express himself with drawing and painting. After leaving the Detroit techno scene in the 90’s he made way to San Francisco to get serious in both music and art. After a stunt in the Advertising business he made way to Tokyo to pursue DJing and art. In Tokyo he found the traditional Japanese Fude ink and brush and that is where THE SPILT INK was birthed.

In 2009 Johnny moved from using the Fude brush and black ink to using acrylic colors. “I LOVE black and white painting but once I started using colors I became addicted to them and the addiction is stronger than anything I know.”

Currently Johnny is working on multiple series of paintings, drumming up commission work,  as well as taking the time to paint live at music events in Tokyo and around the world. “I am generally working on three different concepts at the same time, and that is probably the reason why I live on coffee.”

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